Basic classification of precision casting

Update:15 Mar 2019

Precision casting is the use of very precise standards […]

Precision casting is the use of very precise standards to manufacture castings, so that the quality of the products can be improved. This is also called lost wax casting, although the manufacturing process may be relatively complicated, but it can be very much after manufacturing. It can be used after a small number of secondary processing, and it is a relatively advanced process technology that can be put in place at one time.

The casting process can be selected according to different products for suitable production, including pressure casting, lost foam casting, ceramic casting, silica sol precision casting, etc. Each process is a fixed set of processes, let These castings are very suitable for all products.

In the production of these various states of the casting, but it is actually divided into two major castings, namely ceramic casting and sand casting, but now more ceramic type, because it is based on a casting of sand type In the way, the slurry is used for casting and casting at the time of production. The refractory materials used are similar to the appearance of ceramics. The products manufactured under such molds are similar to those made by mechanical processing, and the cost is low, so they are loved by everyone!

Sand casting can be said to be a very early casting method. It is cheaper to produce and has a fast production speed. 60%-70% of it is made of sand type, although it can be made with great precision. Very high product, but it is still a little worse in terms of mechanical properties, so we continue to innovate on this basis, and the products we produce will be better and better in the future. A big improvement!