Casting materials determine casting performance

Update:17 Oct 2019

Pieces are an important part of mechanical products. In […]

Pieces are an important part of mechanical products. In order to improve the overall performance of mechanical products, the performance of castings needs to be improved accordingly. The performance of castings made by different casting materials is also different. Casting material.
Cast steel
Cast steel production is relatively stable, while the quality, variety, performance of steel castings and the proportion of alloy steel and special steel continue to increase. The use of various refining processes and technologies to develop new cast steel materials can improve the toughness and special properties of materials.

Cast light alloy
Casting light alloys will be widely used in aerospace, aerospace, automotive, machinery and other industries due to their excellent density, high specific strength and corrosion resistance. Especially in the automotive industry, in order to reduce fuel consumption and improve energy efficiency, it is a long-term development trend to replace steel and iron castings with aluminum and nickel alloy castings. It focuses on solving pollution-free, high-efficiency, easy-to-use refining technology, metamorphism technology, grain refining technology and rapid pre-furnace detection technology. In order to further improve material properties and maximize the potential of materials, high-quality aluminum alloy materials, especially aluminum-based composite materials, can be developed to meet the performance requirements of different working conditions; research on strengthening the alloy melting process, continuous alloy die-casting and extrusion casting Development and research of technology and related technologies; Improve the research and development of ferroalloy smelting equipment and related technologies and processes.

Cast composite
Casting composite materials will focus on the development of metal matrix composite base material and reinforcement and strengthening component materials, and accelerate the development of its application. Cast composites have been cast into new engineering materials for the 21st century.

Cast iron
The low cost, high processability, and remelting regeneration of cast iron parts save resources and energy, so the application and development of this material is enduring.

 The intrinsic quality of castings depends mainly on the properties of the cast materials. As the requirements of the national economy for mechanical equipment are gradually improved, the quality of castings will be improved accordingly.