Common items in Lost wax casting

Update:19 Jun 2019

Profile shape and wall thickness: The shape of the prec […]

Profile shape and wall thickness: The shape of the precision cast body is related to the size of the wax mold and matches the wax machine. In order to reduce the quality and facilitate the operation, the wall thickness of the precision cast profiled body should be as thin as possible under the condition of ensuring rigidity and strength.

Body locking: precision casting locking methods are fixed and movable. Precision casting fixed locking is divided into joint bolt, friction clamp, screw clamp, prism clamp, eccentric handle, bolt clamp, pressure clamp, friction sleeve clamp, eccentric sleeve, taper sleeve, fast spiral, hook clamp and so on. Precision casting movable locking is divided into screw notch pins, blade bolts, etc.

Shape attachment mechanism: In addition to the cavity containing the formed investment mold, the precision casting type body also needs some auxiliary structures such as wax injection and opening type.