Forming processing method for die-casting

Update:03 Mar 2020

Die casting is a precision casting method that uses hig […]

Die casting is a precision casting method that uses high pressure to force the metal melt into a complicated metal mold. With the development of modern science and technology, technicians engaged in die-casting molds must continuously improve their technology in order to complete new mold products correctly and reasonably. The manufacturing of zinc alloy die casting mainly focuses on three aspects: die casting materials, die casting machines, and molds. The three are indispensable. The die-casting process is an organic and comprehensive use of these three elements to enable stable, rhythmic and high-efficiency production of qualified castings with good appearance, intrinsic quality, and dimensions that meet the requirements of the drawings or agreements, and even high-quality castings. process.

As an important forming processing method, die casting is an indispensable and important link of mechanical products. In our daily life, we can see that die-casting molds are widely used, such as: automotive industry, power stations, metallurgical industry, machinery and equipment, railways, shipbuilding, weapons, etc .; the production of zinc alloy die-casting parts not only has high strength and high precision It has the characteristics of high shape complexity, high productivity, and material saving, energy saving, consumption reduction, and low cost. It is suitable for mass production, and has great market demand and broad development prospects.

The reason for the shrinkage and shrinkage phenomenon of aluminum alloy die castings: There is only one reason for the shrinkage and shrinkage phenomenon of die castings. That is due to the phase change shrinkage that must exist when the metal melt is filled and changed from the liquid phase to the solid phase. .Since the solidification of the die casting is characterized by cooling from the outside to the inside, when the wall thickness of the casting is large,

The problem of shrinkage and shrinkage is bound to occur inside. Therefore, in terms of die castings, especially thick die castings, the problem of shrinkage and shrinkage is inevitable and cannot be solved.

The only way to solve the problem of shrinkage and shrinkage of aluminum alloy die castings is the problem of shrinkage and shrinkage of die castings, which cannot be completely solved from the die casting process itself. To completely solve this problem, it can only surpass the process, or from the system Seek solutions. What is this approach?

In terms of process principles, the solution of shrinkage and shrinkage defects in castings can only be carried out according to the process idea of ​​shrinkage. The phase change shrinkage of the casting during solidification is a natural physical phenomenon. We cannot reverse the law of this natural phenomenon, but can only follow it to solve this problem.