How to prevent wax from overheating during melting

Update:29 Dec 2018

Prevent the wax from overheating during the melting pro […]

Prevent the wax from overheating during the melting process

(1) Using an indirectly heated oil bath furnace and forcibly circulating the heat transfer oil, the melting temperature is controlled within the range of 84 to 98 ° C, and is always in agitated state, in addition to uniform temperature, the wax containing the filler There is also the effect of preventing precipitation. Excessive temperature and local overheating may deteriorate the performance of the wax due to problems such as wax oxidation and carbonization. The phenomenon of overheating is that the color of the wax changes, and the black spots on the inner wall of the wax barrel are translucent due to the separation of the filler, and smoke or vapor is generated in the wax barrel.

(2) When the wax is reused, in order to remove impurities and moisture, it must be heated above the melting point of the wax, usually below 120 °C. In order to ensure that the wax has a certain flow capacity to remove impurities, the moisture content is also It will evaporate due to the agitation of the agitator.

(3) For the wax rod used in the insulation of the insulation tube, the heating temperature is only required to be 2 to 3 °C higher than the injection temperature.

(4) When the wax is removed in the autoclave (pressure tank), the steam temperature can be as high as 150 °C or more. This condition is the main part of the deterioration of the wax performance, so try to reduce the dewaxing temperature and reduce the dewaxing pressure. To maintain the performance of the wax.