How to properly dewax stainless steel casting accessories

Update:31 Oct 2019

For casting parts, the process of melting and melting i […]

For casting parts, the process of melting and melting is called dewaxing. After the shell is made, it is generally left for a period of time (12-246 or more) before dewaxing.

During the parking period of the water glass shell, the residual hardener in the shell continues to harden the coating layer. As the parking time increases, the wet strength of the shell is large; and with the dehydration and drying, the gel will be more For compactness, strength is increased and water resistance is enhanced.

There are many ways to dewax a cast accessory shell. Commonly used are hot water method, high pressure steam method and microwave dewaxing method. Ruifeng metal casting fittings domestic water glass shells are commonly used because of the low melting point wax-based molding materials, such as paraffin-stearic acid molding materials, so more hot water dewaxing method and steam dewaxing method.

The hot spot of the hot-dip dewaxing method of casting parts is: the equipment is simple, the dewaxing process is convenient to operate, and the water bath heating speed is fast. After the casting parts are dewaxed by hot water, the content in the water glass shell can be further reduced (can be reduced to below). The wax recovery rate of hot water dewaxing is high, generally up to 90%.
Hot water dewaxing is only suitable for low melting point molding materials. The wet strength of the shell after dewaxing is reduced, and the wax is easily saponified during the dewaxing process.