Lost wax precision casting

Update:26 Jan 2019

Lost wax casting is now called investment casting preci […]

Lost wax casting is now called investment casting precision casting. It is a precision casting process with less cutting or no cutting. It is an excellent process technology in the precision casting industry and its application is very extensive. It is not only suitable for precision casting of various types and various alloys, but also produces castings with dimensional accuracy and surface quality higher than other precision casting methods. Even other precision casting methods are difficult to cast, high temperature, and not easy to process. The castings can be cast by precision casting.

Investment casting is based on the ancient wax mold precision casting. As an ancient civilization, China is one of the countries that used this technology earlier. In the hundreds of years before BC, the ancient Chinese working people created this lost wax precision casting technology, which was used to precisely cast products such as Zhong Ding and utensils with various fine patterns and characters, such as Zeng Houyi in the Spring and Autumn Period. Tomb and so on. The base of Zeng Houyi's tomb is a pair of intertwined dragons. They are connected end to end and are staggered up and down to form a multi-layered cloud pattern in the middle. These patterns are difficult to manufacture by ordinary precision casting. The lost casting wax precision casting process can make use of the paraffin wax without strength and easy to engrave. With ordinary tools, it can engrave the paraffin material craftsmanship like the Zenghou Yi tomb, and then attach the pouring system. Paint, dewax, pouring, you can get the exquisite Zenghou Yi tomb.