Precision casting technical requirements

Update:13 Jul 2019

Sand casting, mass production of the factory should cre […]

Sand casting, mass production of the factory should create conditions using advanced technology modeling, core making methods. The productivity of the old-fashioned shock-type or shock-pressure molding machine production line is not high enough. The labor intensity of the workers is large, the noise is large, and it is not suitable for the requirements of mass production. It should be gradually modified. For small castings, it is possible to use a horizontal or vertical type of boxless high-pressure molding machine production line, real modeling and high production efficiency, and a small footprint; for the middle part, various high-pressure molding machine production lines and gas can be selected. The molding line is designed to meet the requirements of fast and high-precision molding production lines. The core-making method can be used: high-speed core making methods such as cold core box, hot core box and shell core.

Medium-sized large castings can be considered for the application of resin self-hardening sand molding and core making.

Manual casting is still an important method for heavy-duty castings produced in small batches. The manual molding can be adapted to various complex requirements and is not flexible. It does not require many process equipment. Water glass sand type, VRH water glass sand type, organic ester water glass self-hardening sand type, clay dry type, resin self-hardening sand type and cement sand type can be applied; for heavy-duty castings produced by one piece, the pit modeling method is low in cost and put into production fast. The multi-box shape and the box-boxing method are suitable for mass production or long-term production of styling products. Although molds, sand boxes, etc. start to invest high, they can be compensated for saving mold time and improving product quality.

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