Process design of steel castings

Update:13 Aug 2019

The production process of steel castings, from the acce […]

The production process of steel castings, from the acceptance of orders, research of parts drawings, to the inspection of finished castings, is subject to smelting, core sand preparation, process tooling preparation, molding, core making, boxing, pouring, falling sand. , cleaning and many other processes, generally the production process of castings is called the process of casting production.

In order to ensure the quality of the casting, a stable production order is required. To this end, a code of practice is required at all stages of production. The Code of Practice specifies the general operating procedures, methods and requirements that people should follow and implement in each process of casting production.

Since each casting has its own differences and its own characteristics, its use conditions and technical requirements are not the same, so the process and process equipment of each casting should also meet the characteristics and requirements of the castings. To this end, it is necessary to prepare and design a process specification and process equipment suitable for the casting itself for each casting. Any use of graphics, forms and text forms, a scientific and reasonable specification of the process plan and specifications of a casting, as well as the technical documents using the corresponding process equipment, called the casting process specification is a technical guidance document in production, each operation All should be implemented strictly and conscientiously.