Stainless Steel casting process of Production

Update:05 Jul 2019

The steel casting production process has the characteri […]

The steel casting production process has the characteristics of wide materials, and can produce and process various precision casting steel parts, various aluminum alloys and tantalum alloy castings. For brittle alloy materials with poor plasticity, casting is also the only feasible forming process. So do you know the production process of steel castings? The following is introduced by Xiaobian Precision Casting Factory.

The melting point of the steel castings is relatively high, and the corresponding casting temperature will be relatively high. At high temperatures, molten steel interacts with the mold material and is very susceptible to sticking sand defects. Therefore, we should use artificial quartz sand with high refractoriness to make the mold, and brush the coating made of quartz powder or zirconium sand powder on the surface of the mold. In order to reduce the gas source, improve the fluidity of the molten steel and the strength of the mold, most of the steel castings are cast with a dry or fast drying type, such as a water glass sand type which is hardened by CO2.

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