Surface cleaning of precision cast products

Update:05 Aug 2019

Surface cleaning of precision casting products: general […]

Surface cleaning of precision casting products: generally there are a variety of methods including dry and wet methods, dry cleaning is the use of shot blasting machine cleaning, wet cleaning methods are more electro-hydraulic sand cleaning, hydraulic sand cleaning, water Clear sand.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning includes friction cleaning and shot blasting, mainly because of low efficiency and poor effect. The so-called dry cleaning generally refers to shot blasting and shot blasting. Shot blasting is the use of compressed air as a power to spray steel shots at a faster rate onto the workpiece table Mina, the debris on the casting. Shot peening is more flexible, which is a kind of supplement for shot blasting. Shot blasting is to use shot blasting machine to spray steel shots and clean the surface impurities of castings.

Wet cleaning

Electro-hydraulic sand cleaning refers to cleaning the casing under the action of electric force. Its basic principle is the electro-hydraulic enthalpy effect. The high-pressure pulse discharges the gas through the special electrode in the water to generate a large liquid power. The purpose of sand cleaning is because the noise of the surface of the cast casting is different from the vibration frequency of the metal.

Hydraulic clearing is a method of clearing sand by using high-pressure water input from a high-pressure water pump to form a high-pressure jet through the nozzle of the spray gun and to shoot sand and sand core on the surface of the casting.

Water clearing sand is a sand casting product with a certain temperature hoisted into the pool. The water entering the hot sand type and the sand core is heated and vaporized. As the water vaporizes and the steam continues to be heated, the pressure is continuously increased, and the sand type and the sand core are collapsed. Destroyed from the surface of the casting and the inner cavity, so as to achieve the purpose of sand cleaning.