The main goal of the future development of the precision casting industry

Update:19 Oct 2018

        The domestic precision casting industry has alw […]

        The domestic precision casting industry has always been at the forefront of the world. As a domestic precision casting industry, we must maintain our current leading edge and continue to grow and develop in the future.

        What is the main goal of the future development of the domestic precision casting industry?

        First, optimize the industrial structure, eliminate the low level of technology, poor product quality, serious pollution, and poor economic performance of small precision castings, forming a relatively concentrated "small giant" and "star enterprises" to achieve specialized production.

        Second, from labor- and resource-intensive to technology-intensive, from extensive pollution to green intensive, the production efficiency and economic benefits of the entire precision casting factory have doubled; environmental pollution has been effectively treated, and initial construction and environment A coordinated Chinese foundry material industry system.

        Thirdly, some R&D and education and training bases with a combination of production, study and research with reasonable structure and high overall level are formed, and professionals are regularly transported to enterprises to develop new varieties of high-quality, high-grade casting materials to meet the growing demand for casting materials. At the same time, gradually increase the intensity of technology exports.

        The above three points are the development goals of the domestic precision casting industry in the future. It is believed that the precision casting industry can continuously upgrade the technological content and achieve a comprehensive transformation.