What is the difference between die casting and precision casting and wax casting

Update:27 Apr 2019

Die Casting: The abbreviation of pressure casting is a […]

Die Casting: The abbreviation of pressure casting is a casting method in which a molten alloy liquid is poured into a pressure chamber to fill a cavity of a steel mold at a high speed, and the alloy liquid is solidified under pressure to form a casting. Die casting is different from other casting methods. The main features are high pressure and high speed.

Precision casting: precision casting, special casting. Parts obtained by this method generally do not need to be machined. For example, investment casting, pressure casting, etc. Precision casting is a casting method compared to the traditional casting process. It can obtain relatively accurate shape and high casting precision. The more common practice is to first design and manufacture the mold according to the product requirements (the residual amount can be very small or leave no margin), and cast the wax by the casting method. The original wax mold; repeating the coating and sanding process on the wax mold, hardening the shell and drying; then melting the inner wax mold to remove the wax, obtaining the cavity; roasting the shell to obtain sufficient strength; pouring The required metal material; clear sand after shelling, in order to obtain high-precision finished products. According to product needs or heat treatment and cold processing.

Wax casting: the wax casting method, which first appeared in the spring and autumn period, the whole manufacturing process is manual operation. Its process is: the wax is made into the shape of the mold to be made, and then the high temperature resistant fine mud is sprayed to the wax type. The surface is sprinkled on the surface of the mud and repeated several times to form a complete shell. After drying, the wax is melted to form a cavity for casting copper liquid (ie: copper plus lead, zinc, tin). A solution of a metal element). After casting, it is shelled, polished, and worn, and an exquisite antique bronze is displayed in front of you. Lost wax precision casting is now called investment precision casting, which is a kind The precision casting process with less cutting or no cutting is an excellent process technology in the precision casting industry. It is widely used. It is not only suitable for precision casting of various types and various alloys, but also produces casting dimensional accuracy. The surface quality is higher than other precision casting methods, and even other castings that are difficult to cast by other precision casting methods, which are difficult to mold, can be cast by precision casting.