What should I pay attention to in precision casting?

Update:27 Oct 2018

Fine casting is a casting process with little or no cut […]

Fine casting is a casting process with little or no cutting and is an excellent process technology in the foundry industry. Its application is very extensive, not only suitable for casting of various types and various alloys, but also produces castings with higher dimensional accuracy and surface quality than other casting methods, and even other casting methods are difficult to cast, high temperature, and low temperature. The processed castings can be cast by fine casting. So what do you pay attention to for fine casting needs?


Here are some things to keep in mind about sharing fine casting:

1. In order to avoid the white mouth when fine casting, in addition to the process adoption method, it is necessary to make the wall thickness not too thin (some materials point out that when the wall thickness is above 15mm, the corners of the metal casting castings are all It is necessary to use rounded corners.

2. Because of the metal type and core non-conformity, in order to facilitate the removal of the casting and the extraction type, the casting inclination of the fine casting casting should be larger than that of the sand casting, and should generally be 30%-50% larger.

3. The thickness of the inner wall and inner rib of the fine casting casting should generally be 0.6-0.7 of the thickness of the connected outer wall. Otherwise, the inner wall (rib) is cold and slow, and cracks occur at the intersection of the inner and outer walls when the casting shrinks.

4. Because metal type heat dissipation is fast, the minimum wall thickness of fine casting should be larger than that of sand casting casting, and the minimum wall thickness of various casting alloys and castings of different sizes.


The above is the attention paid to the fine casting shared by Shengmetal. We hope that we can pay more attention to the matters related to fine casting.